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slogan comes to us from bobby in illinois. he says "i'm a "fox & friends" junkie, my friends and family are aware or come over until "fox & friends" is off the air." that's great. >> see you at 9:00. >> welcome aboard, folks! we've got a jam packed day starting right now live on fox news. 15 hours from now, the president is going to go and tell us the state of our nation. >> he is. it's called the state of the union and his main focus is going to be the economy. caroline schively joins us now from washington. i have a sneaking suspicion he had a different speech written eight days or so ago. now it's switched to touting the economy. >> you're right, gretchen. it's still switching. as of last night, the president was still rewriting his state of the union speech mainly by hand. he hadn't done a run through or rehearsal yet. today he plans to do at least one or not two.
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before a big speech, the white house distributes talking points to their allies so they can pump up the administration's accomplishments. here's what the white house has handed out this year. one that government is making government more accessible and transparent, he's been faithful to the central promises to his campaign. rescue and restore. he's rescued the economy from the brink of failure. he'll rebuild the domestic agenda and working to restore global relationships. we expect republicans to have a different take on those points throughout the day. as for the president's actual speech tonight, he'll place a heavy emphasis on jobs, as you guys said but health care, terrorism with other countries frpt that's a major pivot off his primary focus of health care from the last several months and aligns with a recent fox news poll that asked americans what the president should focus on this year. the economy blew all other topics away as a top priority followed with health care with 12%, terrorism with 11% and the wars in afghanistan and iraq at 7%. as the president polishes his
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speech, he'll try to cut it down so it runs an hour including the applause. steve, gretchen and brian, back to you. >> all right, live in our nation's capital. thank you very much. there's a brand new, rather, a "wall street journal" poll out this morning that takes a look at what you are interested in and according to this, 51% of you believe that barack obama has paid too little attention to the economy. 42% think that he's paid just the right amount. meanwhile, 44% believe he's paid too much attention to overhauling health care. hence, the problem a lot of you say. he's spent too much time doing health care. not enough time on j-o-b-s. >> much longer than he thought. his deadline was this summer. let's get this thing done by september. continue to drag on. next thing we know we wanted to get it done by christmas. almost done by christmas. then comes the special elections in massachusetts. they said let's get a new
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democrat in there. everything blew up since. here's something else. despite everything you just read, steve. >> yes? >> 47% of the country now thinks he's -- they approve of the way he's handling the economy. that's up five points since september. so the administration does have some reasons to say, wait a second, the american people still believe in us. >> headline to me is what he's going to talk about tonight which i find very surprising that he's going to talk about tax cuts. yes. president obama is going to talk, apparently, about tax cuts, number one. eliminating capital gains taxes on investments for small businesses. number two, a tax credit for new hires. and number three, extending bigger tax breaks to those that purchase new facilities and equipment. isn't this what a lot of people have been saying? i know at least on our show for the last year, this is what they're saying will stimulate the economy, tax cuts for small businesses. if the president says this tonight, this is going to sound very republicanesque in my mind. >> that's what a lot of people -- >> republicanesque? >> i just made it up.
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stunned by the fact he's going to talk about tax cuts. >> that sounds republicanish. >> i like stymied, too. i'm going to try to use it in a sentence in the third hour. i'm not too sure. i'll do it carefully. other things that come up, speci special guests that will be the two officers that brought down major hasan in fort hood. he's going to talk about sealing the border first. plans to seal the border between the u.s. and mexico and talk about immigration reform and he's going to do something, i think, both sides can agree on, $9 billion for the military families. >> there's -- there's one other thing that caught my eye. i was looking -- cruising around on the internet yesterday and i saw that news max had commissioned a poll with zogby and this has got to give the white house a pause. if the election were held today and if it were scott brown vs. barack obama, scott brown would actually beat the president of the united states.
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taking a look at -- because the president's support with independents and the swing voters are the ones that actually put people in the white house. scott brown is popular with 48% of the independents while barack obama only 36%. so clearly, some alarm bells at that going off in the white house, if you lose the middle. >> good news for that is, gretchen, is that it's good news for taxpayers because scott brown would leave the basketball court in. he loves that game. >> very true. wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall and see what the original state of the union actually said? that could be historic proportions to see that speech, if they started cracking that eight days ago and how different it would have to be now for this date in 2010. in the meantime, another thing that the president will speak about tonight is this spending freeze that he started talking about yesterday. which is about, i think, $15 to $17 billion in savings over the next three years. but at the same time that he's talking about saving that kind of money, this administration
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has also added a lot more money to the deficit. and charles thinks he has found the loophole in this whole thing. listen to this. >> it's not a hatchet. it's not a scalpel. it's a q tip. it's a fraud. this is a minuscule amount. remember, it excludes defense, homeland security, it excludes veterans affairs. it excludes all the entitlements which are 60% of the budget. it excludes stimuli past and future, the 2/3 of the near trillion dollar stimulus that hadn't been spent. all that is excluded. it excludes the trillion that would end up being spent in health care if it were passed. what it is is a $15 billion reduction in a year 2011 in which the c.b.o. has just announced we'll have a deficit of $1.35 trillion which means it is -- it's a rounding error. it's lunch money.
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>> entire talking point. that was beautiful. that's why he's charles. >> he goes on to say, it's a way to lock in the increased spending that this administration has put into place. it's complicated but maybe later on in the show, we'll have time to explain that. >> yeah, you know, he goes back to, you know, talking about an axe and a scalpel. he's clearing parodying with the president of the united states, then a senator said on the campaign trail when john mccain was for the spending freezes and barack obama was against them. well, now he is for it. but there are some critics who say, look, just like he just said, it's a tiny amount of money we're talking about. less than 3% in the grand scheme of things. clearly, it is simply a p.r. band-aid to put on a big problem that they've got. and that is the economy, they want to portray the president as somebody who is really worried about those big deficits. >> all right. also, we should tell you, too, that we're thrilled to announce, we'll be on at 5:00 a.m. eastern time to give some instant
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feedback on the 50 to one hour speech the president will be giving tonight, between 30 and 50 million of you will be watching. we'll talk to about what it will mean from here. a lot of people are saying this will be the type of pivot if president obama is going to be successful over the next three years, that president clinton did that brought him so much success which was the opposition congress. but let's talk a little bit about health care because they don't want to. it turns out harry reid says, well, you know what? let's just put that aside for now. we've talked enough about health care in the past. in fact, here's harry reid in his own words. >> we're not on health care now. we've talked a lot about it in the past. there is no rush. this is a congress. what we have done lasts for two years. >> if you were -- >> since when? >> can you imagine if you were a bear and hibernated since december 24th. i remember being on vacation on christmas eve morning and watching this huge press conference at 7:00 a.m. eastern time that they had solved health care and it was just about to pass. if you were a bear and hibernating and you woke up now,
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you'd be a very confused bear. >> no reason to get cable if you're sleeping through the winter. >> if you are a bear and you watch cable news, please call us because we would like to sign you up and get you -- >> no one would have predicted that on this date in january, we would be discussing what we're discussing today. >> what do bears do in the summer if they're that tired they have to sleep through the winter? >> exactly right. what do they do? >> dick morris will weigh in on what the president is going to be talking about tonight. also, a secret plan by pelosi and reid to actually ram the health care bill through after all because they've got a way to do it even though it was revealed yesterday, i think that the politico did a poll of moderate senators on the democrat side and eight say, we can't go for that reconciliation and then you add joe lieberman and suddenly, they've got to redraw. >> they're running for the hills now.
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brian, i believe you have my headlines. if you'd like to pass them off. >> yes, i will. by the power vested in me, i'd like to give you the headlines. there you go. >> thank you very much. fox news alert this morning, north and south korea exchanging fire now on the high seas this morning. it's happening in the disputed border area. the north fired artillery shells as part of an annual military drill so the south fired warning shots in the air. north's shells landed in its own waters. no reports of casualties. yesterday, the north declared a no sail zone in the disputed area of the sea. two weeks after that powerful earthquake in haiti, people still being pulled from the rubble alive? members of america's 82nd airborne rescued a 35-year-old man from a collapsed building in port-au-prince. he's being treated for a broken leg and, of course, dehydration. but hundreds of flights are still waiting for permission to land with supplies. the u.s. is reporting a backlog of seven days to be able to get in there. the filmmaker who posed as a pimp and recorded undercover videos of controversial
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practices at acorn offices across the country now under arrest himself. james o'keefe are charged with trying to tamper with the phones of the senator in new orleans. his lawyer says "we don't have any of the facts yet but james at heart is a really good kid." four men face up to 10 years in prison if convicted. heisman trophy winner tim tebow making big waves off the field over a pro life ad that's going to appear during the super bowl. the ad tells the story of his mom who got sick when she was pregnant with tim. doctors apparently urged her to have an abortion. she did not. and now some women's groups are protesting the ad paid for by a christian group saying that it only provides one point of view. tebow says he's not trying to tell anyone what to believe. >> i don't feel like i'm very preachy about it but i do stand up for what i believe and at least you can respect that because i do stand up and unfortunately in today's society, not many athletes tend to do that.
6:12 am
>> tebow has long been open about his strong christian beliefs and family values. and those are your headlines. >> all right. it is now a dozen minutes after the top of the hour on this wednesday. president bill clinton failed at health care reform. then called hillary care. then gave the state of the union address. we're going to -- will it be deja vu all over again for president obama or can he get out of clinton's shadow? we're going to talk to former clinton advisor dick morris straight ahead. >> and what is up with steve jobs? what does he have up his sleeve? we'll finally see a new tablet from apple today. i think it's all but a done deal. we are live in san francisco and clayton morris scrambled to tell us what we can expect. [ male announcer ] introducing the all-new lexus gx. it has the agility and the power to take on any mission, and the space to accommodate precious cargo,
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>> all right. it is 15 minutes after the top of the hour. quick headlines on this wednesday. in an unprecedented move, toyota, that car company is going to stop selling eight of its popular cars because of a problem with the gas pedal sticking that cause the cars to accelerate. that's bad. that includes the top selling camry and corolla as well. toyota says production of the cars will also stop beginning on monday. you can find the full list of affected cars on
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tim geithner said he did what was in the best interest of the american people during the a.i.g. bailout. geithner will tell the house today that he and his staff did not favor any bank, foreign or domestic. this as fed head ben bernanke faces a key vote in the senate tomorrow. he needs a 60 vote majority to advance his nomination to a final vote on friday. while many critics blame bernanke for the financial meltdown, he is expected to keep his job. brian, gretchen? >> president obama set to take center stage tonight for his first state of the union address. >> but will the speech take on the same tone as president clinton's did after his failed attempt to reform health care? >> can president obama change his rhetoric to reflect the voice of the american people? joining us now -- >> with his expert take, former clinton advisor dick morris. good to see you, dick. >> good to be here. >> all right. so many people are going to be looking at this speech tonight and comparing the words of
6:17 am
president obama to the words of president clinton when almost the exact same thing happened. do you expect this president to come to the middle of the road like president clinton did? >> i think he will try to in the sense that many of the proposals he'll make tonight will be aimed at the center. things like a spending freeze or aid to families or expanding the child tax credit. but not in the sense that he's going to abandon his left wing proposals. i think he's still going to push ahead with health care. i think that the bulk of the federal spending will grind right on including the balance of the stimulus package and most important, he's not going to back away from the regulatory reform measure that's coming up next which permits the secretary of the treasury to seize any company he bloody well wants for any reason. >> you know, if he's going to vilify wall street, if he's going to reinforce the border, isn't he doing some easy
6:18 am
populous, positive things that will get him some applause? >> yeah, i think he's going to try that. but i think the key thing to understand about this speech and about the obama presidency, from the minute he took office, i've been saying it's an outcome based presidency. bush -- bill clinton's was not. there was nothing particularly going on in the country that he had to solve. there was a minor recession but that was well on its way to solution and other than that, he really had a blank slate and could do what he wanted and therefore, his presidency depended a lot on advocacy, a lot of what he said and so on. in obama's case, the transcended need is to lower unemployment and he will be judged on his ability to do that just like with bush, it was to win the war on terror. and no matter what he says, in any speech, it's going to provide a little bit of a blip and then go back down as long as that 10% unemployment remains high. >> that's very interesting because i was looking at a poll this morning that shows the president's poll numbers
6:19 am
historically only tick up or down one point after a state of the union address. >> that wasn't true with clinton. his would go up 10 and they'd stay high for a long time. >> interesting. let me ask you about president clinton because president obama gave an interview in the last couple of days where he said the one thing i'm clear about is i'd rather be a really good one term president than a mediocre two term president. a lot of people thought that might have been a swipe at president bush but then it dawned on me, maybe it's a swipe at president clinton? >> yeah, i think so. i don't think obama would describe bush as a mediocre two term president. i think he'd describe him as the worst president in american history. in fact, i think he probably did say that. i don't know. but he came pretty close. mediocre means bill clinton in his lexicon but i think he misunderstood that. he had one year as president when he ran the country. that's over now. his year is over. the next year, they're going to be running for cover. and then two years later, he'll be dealing with a republican congress. >> we'll see. in a matter of a few months,
6:20 am
we'll see how the midterms do. that will be the report card everybody is looking at. stay right there, we want you to talk about a secret deal that you have sources that say is happening behind closed doors that could put health care front and center, the inside scoop coming your way. >> and also, senator-elect scott brown keeping his promise and already reaching out to democrats. but are they listening? >> we showed you this miracle shot yesterday. hits the shot at half court. we'll show you what happened. a? a shiny coat of paint? a list of features? what about the strength of the steel? the integrity of its design... or how it responds... in extreme situations? the deeper you look, the more you see the real differences. and the more you understand what it means to own a mercedes-ben the c-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for special offers through mercedes-benz financial. ♪
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>> all right. we heard house speaker nancy pelosi say the votes to pass health care reform are not there. but are she and harry reid
6:24 am
leading a secret democratic plot to sneak the plan through congress despite growing opposition? let's continue the conversation with dick morris. dick, i was reading at last night that you have heard from democratic sources that there is a secret plan and it solves a whole bunch of people having to say, ok, we promise we will vote that way if you do this. >> yeah, what's going to happen, i think, is reid and pelosi are now kind of saying the votes aren't there and harry reid said there's no rush which is ridiculous given what he said before but i think that they have a plan to pass this. in fact, i know they do. what they're plan to go do is go to the house and say look, we don't have 60 votes in the senate so please pass the senate bill as is and once you do that, it can go directly to the white house and become law. and we promise that we in the senate will use reconciliation requiring only 51 votes to fix the bill to incorporate the amendments that you the house
6:25 am
want incorporated. what they're going to do is send a letter to the house signed by 52 democratic senators embodying those commitments saying if you pass this bill, we will carve out unions for a special treatment and exempt them from the cadillac insurance text, we can end this special treatment for nebraska. we'll increase the fines if you don't have insurance. we'll increase the subsidy to help you get insurance. >> right. >> we may increase some of the taxes in it. and the -- on the strength of that letter, the house is supposed to abandon the attempt to amend the bill and instead pass it as the senate passed it. >> but dick, this sounds like absolute political suicide for people involved in this plan especially when you have these members of congress coming out and saying, we're not talking about health care right now and then they would be up to this? there would be an american revolt. >> well, i think we're in the middle of one anyway, gretchen. i think that this is designed to appease the liberal members of
6:26 am
the house who are saying the senate bill doesn't go far enough. the problem is can pelosi still count on the conservatives who voted for the bill? and at i have a list of the conservative democratic senators who are vulnerable who voted for this bill and what you can do to try to persuade them to now vote against it. those are the guys that are in play. if they can switch from yes to no, this will not happen and now is the time to pile it on to these folks. >> lincoln and evan bayh are two of those senators that are saying count me out. >> they're senators. i'm talking about congressmen. what's going on with the senate is phony. now they only need 51 votes so there's eight guys that are saying, oh, no, we're against it. you can count me out. i would never support this. even though they voted for it about six weeks ago. three weeks ago. that's all phony because now their votes aren't needed.
6:27 am
they're saying no, i'd never vote for this again. the house where they need the majority, that's real. >> all right. you are a real good guy for getting up so early on this wednesday. dick morris now returning to the world headquarters of up there in connecticut somewhere. >> if he gets past security. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, just when you thought town halls were dying down. >> yes. >> our family members that are in -- >> boo! boo! >> yeah. give me the mike! coming up, we'll talk to a voter who was at this contentious meeting. >> and the tech world buzzing about apple's big announcement today. clayton morris is buzzing, too, in san francisco because he loves this kind of stuff. he's going to bring us the inside scoop. >> but first, happy birthday to the tony award winning actor who is 45 today. i was always going
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>> president obama will give his state of the union address. the white house says the speech will focus on american jobs so i guess he's going to talk a lot about india. >> uh-oh. all right. the state of the union tonight, 9:00. things kick off at 8:00 this evening right here on the fox newschannel. it's interesting, though, things have already kicked off at patty power. that is an irish betting site where they bet on everything. let me show you exactly what people currently are wagering on regarding the state of the union. they're betting on the length of the speech. right now the odds are between 50 and 53 minutes. color of his ties and what he says as well. >> i would -- you know what big word i would bet on? the new word that he has is fight. and in his speech in ohio last friday, he used the word fight 20 times, i believe.
6:32 am
>> in terms of cliches where you weigh in, gretchen, health care reform, 4-1 odds. it will be in there if you put your money down. >> that's right. >> as i stand here today, what about that one? would you put money on that? fundamental belief? i guarantee those terms. i use it every day. and god bless america. >> see, these are cliches, political cliches that they'll be betting on. it's interesting at 250-1, he probably -- odds are he will not use this political phrase. "i will not seek re-election next time around." >> right. >> 250-1. >> and let's get ready to rumble probably won't be a catch phrase that ends with. >> what do you want the president of the united states to say tonight? email us right now. we know where he's going to be. he'll be in the well of the house. email us at friends at
6:33 am >> what will he wear? now the headlines. let's straighten them out. >> let's take a look at the headlines. u.s. senator-elect scott brown of massachusetts venturing into heart of democratic massachusetts to meet with boston's mayor and leaders of the city's largest black and hispanic churches. brown and mayor thomas menino talked about policy and the economy. brown says this was something he wanted to do right away. >> felt it was important to go to the mayor, obviously, to the city that's really the economic engine. when it's viable, we need to make sure boston continues to be even more viable and more economically sound. >> brown says it was also important for him to show the voters who he really is. brown shocked many winning the race against democrat martha coakley, as you know. >> when was that? >> what was it, about a week ago? >> i have to stop following the news. u.s. military and intelligence agency are deeply involved with secret negotiations with troops.
6:34 am
the operations have killed six of 15 top leaders of an al-qaida affiliate there. president obama reportedly signing off on the operations. u.s. officials insist that american advisors do not take part in raids in yemen but only provide intelligence and weapons assistance. gretchen? >> nancy kerrigan's brother now undergoing a psychological evaluation after being charged with assaulting his 70-year-old father who then died. mark kerrigan pleaded not guilty to assaulting his father daniel kerrigan at their home near boston. family members say that daniel kerrigan died of a heart attack and that his death was unrelated to the fight with his son. his funeral is today. mark kerrigan barred from the state, by the state from attending. brian? >> he's been voted america's favorite movie star for the fourth time in his career. >> never going to find peace in this world as long as there are gangs around. >> what are you going to do, walt? >> whatever it is, they won't have a chance.
6:35 am
>> well, clint eastwood scooping up the award yet again. he is 79 years old and topping the annual harris poll and a heck of a producer and his son, by the way, a heck of a songwriter. johnny depp finished second. denzel washington finished third. look for all three of them to join us on the couch together shortly. >> yes indeed. >> april fools. >> going to happen right after -- >> it will happen. >> that almost did happen this year. let's take a look. it snowing somewhere? yeah, a little bit on the eastern shores of erie and ontario and some moving through north central portions of the missouri valley. and a little bit of rain in southeastern kansas on this wednesday. otherwise, balance of the country is predominantly dry and temperatures along the eastern third in the 20's and the 30's. actually a little cooler today than it was yesterday deep in the heart of dixie land, 29 right now in atlanta. it is freezing in memphis and temperatures in the 40's all the way from florida right along the
6:36 am
gulf coast extending into portions of texas. of course, those are current readings. later on today when the sun comes out and warms things up, it will be 51 in raleigh. 53 in atlanta. temperatures still below freezing all the way from portions of the ohio valley across the northern plains in the northern tier. today in missoula, montana, it's going to be 32 degrees. brian? >> president obama made a call to the kentucky basketball program to thank the team and the coach for raising more than a million dollars for haiti relief. in that call, he reminded the team not to get too confident and lose after becoming the number one team in the nation in the polls. but the message didn't register. can you say copenhagen all over again? the wildcats in their first game at the top of the polls this year lose to unranked south carolina. 30 points to lead the gamecocks. martha coakley knows how they feel. celebration is on in columbia, gamecocks win 68-62. tennis down under, happening right now because they play in
6:37 am
the middle of the night. go figure. serena williams playing her first major since her meltdown last year's u.s. open. she goes on to win 4-6, 7-6, 6-2. that's why they're cheering. serena was expected to meet venus in the semifinals but venus falls to a player from china. 2-6, 7-6, 7-5. she becomes the first chinese player ever to reach the final four of the australian open. we showed you this incredible blindfolded half court shot yesterday by a kansas high school basketball coach. he was supposed to be punked by his kids. but then it got in. so reporter rob low from fox 4 in connecticut wanted to try to do it himself to match his shot? look at this. for a piece he was doing. here he is. >> backfired on the students, a blindfolded half court shot that is now the talk of campus and
6:38 am
beyond. >> campus and beyond. >> there you go. he made the shot. congratulations, doesn't even know how to handle it. that is so cool. so there you go. it's the shot that everyone can make. it must be really easy. >> there's something about that -- >> i could be a basketball player. >> like i'm not supposed to be experiencing this type of success. >> we'll talk to the coach live later on in our program from olathe. it's interesting. his video was the number one video on "sports center" the other night way ahead of the professionals. >> coming up on brian & the judge from 9:00 to noon, nothing about basketball. a lot about politics. joining us live and the judge will be playing himself for the entire three hours. >> uh-huh. who will you be? >> i'll be me. >> you got to be you. >> i'll be the one without the robes on. the judge in full regala. >> is there a bailiff in the
6:39 am
room? >> yes, there is. >> is he armed? >> yes. >> good. speaking of rumors and a bunch of stuff we made up, not on apple, though, because the rumors have been swirling for months. today we'll find out what the real deal is when steve jobs and apple reveal the new product. rumors said to be the tablet device. who did we send? not one of us. we sent tech guru and "fox & friends" weekend host clayton morris to san francisco where the big announcement will happen in a few hours. ok, is it true? >> it's true and, you know, you just said we've been hearing about this apple tablet rumor for a few months. we've been hearing about this thing for over 10 years, in fact. you know how brian gets excited on the morning of the super bowl, giddy. that's what tech journalists are here. there will be hundreds of tech journalists standing out here, all giddy and crazy. it's like 10 years of apple rumors finally put to rest. i think we have some screen shots of what people think this thing will look like. and they're probably all wrong. these are artists rendering. these probably don't look anything close to what this bad boy looks like. look at these things.
6:40 am
it could be, people saying a large ipod touch, a 10 inch screen, 10 inch display and look through some of these things. the best part is no one will know what this thing looks like until steve jobs shows us exactly what this thing looks like in a few hours from now. >> and, you know, clayton it's really important, what they've done in the past at apple is they've really tried to shock and awe, you know, the tech press and everybody else because not only do they have to say -- people say hey, this is really cool. they have to convince people to spend thousands of dollars on something that they've never, ever seen with their own two eyes. >> right. yeah, what's a great point about that is tablets have not worked in the past. we've learned that before, you know, doctors' offices use tablets so apple has to convince people to spend $800, $900 for a device we've never seen in the marketplace before and this is one part of their segment that they don't have a device in. we spend $500 for an iphone. we spend a couple thousand for a laptop but this device, apple, steve jobs needs to convince people that you need this thing.
6:41 am
you need to be able to draw with your finger. you need to be able to do all of these things and read e books across some new colored display and we're hearing reports, of course, all sorts of different programs could be on this thing. everything from e books to some sort of music program to, you know, on and on and on, people trying to wrap their heads around it and apple has not said one word about this yet. it's speculation at this point. >> not everything they do is a success. i remember back because i love reading the computer magazines and talking to insiders, the newton did not work, correct? remember, that was supposed to be a big -- >> exactly. well, steve jobs, as you remember, when he came back to apple, he killed the newton because it had a terrible battery life, color screen, it was a really bad green colored screen. no one was using it. steve jobs killed it and he said, why do we need this? why do we need a device that all i can use it for is to sit in the bathroom and read? so he killed it. so the fact that he's going to be on stage after five years of working on this baby is a huge step and we're going to see in just a few hours from now. >> you have 20 seconds, what is
6:42 am
it? it's a conglomeration of all these other devices? >> it could be. it could be all of those things and nothing. it could be about a 10 inch display with you use your hands on it. imagine handing it to your kids and there's a paint program that you could paint with your finger. you could also edit music, edit videos with your finger, have video conferencing, watch movies in a beautiful display. no one knows. that's the beauty of this thing. >> that's right. and clayton is going to -- >> side bar announcement. there's a side bar announcement. iphone could be coming to verizon today. that's a side bar announcement. >> wow. a lot of people might be happy about that. all right, clayton. you're going to reveal exactly what it is tomorrow on our show. we will look forward to that. >> and he will be live -- >> thank you very much. >> live at >> you got it. >> look how excited he is out there. >> thank you. >> all right. straight ahead, clayton, great job, as usual. meanwhile, straight ahead, they each helped president obama and clinton pen their state of the union addresses. what do they think president obama should be saying tonight when 50 million tune in?
6:43 am
we will ask them. >> and voters still trying to be heard. and democratic congressmen met with stiff opposition. outraged over the stimulus package, health care and much more. we'll talk to someone who was there. [ female announcer ] olay regenerist is on a roll.
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6:46 am
>> glad you're up. america awaits president obama's first state of the union address and it's coming tonight. many are waiting for a change of pace as the country is still ailing with its economy. >> i understand why the american people, their attitude is not it could have been worse. their attitude is how do we make sure we keep on getting it better? that's what we'll be talking about. >> we'll see. what kind of tone should we expect the president to take? will it help ease the uncertainty over america's future? we're joined by our guys who have done this before, former chief speechwriter for president george bush and author of "courting disaster" and a former chief speechwriter of president clinton and author of "love the work, hate the job." i want to start with you even though mark is right next to me and that's the book right there. david, a lot of people saying go right back to 1995. go grab bill clinton's speech and build off that.
6:47 am
in fact, he was coming off a body blow to health care. will he do that? will the president do that tonight? >> i think he'll do something like that. and it's important to remember that what president clinton did was not to just give in to the -- what was then a new republican majority in congress. but to define some positions that were his positions and have been his positions for his entire public career and they weren't exactly the same as either the republicans or the democrats in the congress. and in doing that, he elevated himself above both parties. >> but he did a subtle admission of maybe i bit off more than i can chew when it came to health care. let's start anew. if you're writing that, do you put something in there that almost says hey, maybe i was a little off base? >> i think you have to get that message. i think this was supposed to be his victory lap over health care. this is going to be, you know, celebration of his triumph and then all of a sudden, we have terrorist attack in detroit and scott brown coming to victory, and people don't -- he went out in ohio the other day and said
6:48 am
i'm going to fight, he said fight 20 times. if he comes out and gives a defiant speech where he says his message is i'm fighting instead of i heard you. i get it. i understand the discontent, he's going to have a big problem. >> and the thing is, david, there is some reports that obama administration doesn't look up to the clinton administration. feels as though they're a cut above, certainly above george bush and of bill clinton. do you see the reluctance to go back and take a page out of what many people deem as successful pivot by your former boss? >> well, president obama's governing in very different times from what president clinton governed in. we inherited something of an economic crisis but nothing like the danger of financial collapse that president obama inherited. and i think the one thing he needs to do tonight is to distinguish between the things that he had to do when he came into office and they were largely continuations of what the previous administration had done and what almost any president would have done under those circumstances. distinguished between those things and the things that he
6:49 am
wants to do and the things that he was elected to do. >> i think he's got a crisis on his hands. he's had two blows to him. he's had a terrorist attack which the american people see as a wake-up call of the threat of terror that's out there and they want -- and they want to see the president sees it as a wake-up call as well. if he doubles down on his policies, i need you to fund closing of guantanamo, he's going to turn off the american people. >> is it me but if 50 million are going to watch. start writing the speech in november, have you relived it since the entire special election of massachusetts? >> they probably rewrote it twice. they probably had it drafted for him before he went to christmas or at least an outline. the terrorist attacks happened. they had to rewrite that and the scott brown victory has thrown that into disarray as well. >> and david, would you be surprised if the president did not mention about the mess -- the economic mess that he inherited or make some reference to president bush? >> well, he's -- he's certainly not going to directly mention president bush.
6:50 am
he will talk about -- i think he will talk about the situation he inherited and i was recently rereading the state of the union speech that president reagan gave in 1983, that was two years in his administration and he was still talking about the policies and conditions that he inherited and this is one year of president obama's administration. >> it's going to be fascinating. can't wait. maybe we'll have you back tomorrow. we'll be on for four hours. thanks so much for joining us. more insight coming your way. robert gibbs joins us live at about 7:20 eastern time telling us what more he can tell us about the big speech. meanwhile, straight ahead, scientists expected it to last three months. now, more than six years after it landed on mars, the rover spirit may be getting new orders from nasa. but not because its mission is over. and then just when you thought town halls were dying down, this happened. >> acting like a congressman and answering the -- [ jennifer garner ] there's a lot of beautiful makeup out there...
6:51 am
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>> if you're just getting up, a couple minutes before 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. couple quick headlines few, verizon is cutting 15,000 jobs this year. it will keep cutting costs as it tries to recover from the recession. the company lost $653 million in the fourth quarter last year. nasa's mars rover won't be roving anymore. spirit is stuck in a sand pit and it can't get out. nasa says the rover can still do research while stuck if it survives the winter. the rover was launched in 2004 to find evidence of water on mars. steve? >> in a hole. meanwhile, democrat congressman rush holt of new jersey got a rude awakening this past monday when he held a town hall meeting. watch. >> the question comes down to why are you enslaving us?
6:55 am
>> well, so did congressman holt get the message? brian hagerty was at that town hall and joins us on the curvy couch. good morning to you. >> how are you doing? >> doing ok. i saw other clips on a local affiliate in new york where things were noisy at the town hall. he wanted to talk about education and stuff like that but you folks wanted to talk about what? >> it got real heated. we wanted to talk about cap and trade and obama care and how they're bankrupting america and don't seem to care. and we got fed up with just being, you know, placated to and looked down to. the guy, he was more like lecturing us than he was answering any questions. >> you told me in the green room that he was reading out of a binder with talking points and stuff like that. what was the question you asked him that got you so agitated?
6:56 am
>> well, he asked one of the most benign, i listed four but i asked him how does he -- as a sworn upholder of the constitution, a defender of the constitution, how does he reconcile the fact of the federal government mandating that american citizens buy a product or service at the point of a fine or imprisonment, that's unconstitutional. he wouldn't answer the question. and then things got a little heated, you know, with the crowd basically wanted to hold him to account and he wanted to run his meeting his way and talk about what he wanted to talk about and not talk about what the constituents wanted to talk about. >> ok. you are a union carpenter so -- and i know you've got issues with the whole cadillac health care thing and you think you're protected now with these carve outs but at one point, you were noisy and 90% of the people in the town hall were, you know, were noisy as well and then there was one lady back there who yelled at you, what did she say? >> she was appalled or scared to death as she put it, what are
6:57 am
we teaching our kids? how do you raise your voice at a congressman? what are we teaching our kids? and what i said to her is what did bill clinton teach our kids? us you know what i'm teaching my kids? how to hold their assembly people and their congress people and their elected officials accountable. that's what i'm teaching my kids. >> brian, do you think that the guys and gals in washington, d.c. have gotten the message the people across this country are angry about business as usual in washington? >> yeah, but i don't think they care. >> no. >> i don't. i think they got -- i think they got their little plan and they think they got it all sewed up and, you know, they're going to placate the american people. they're going to tell them what they want to hear. they're going to give them little drips and drabs but it will be the american people, people sitting at home, you guys out there. i don't know where the camera is but it's the people sitting at home, getting up and going to the town hall meetings, holding their representatives accountable, that's what's going to turn this thing around. putting at people that are aren't beholding to the g.o.p. leaders or to the democratic leaders. we need to put in real people. people that actually work for a living. >> and real quickly, what would
6:58 am
you like the president of the united states to say tonight, brian? >> that he's resigning? >> i don't think that's going to be in the teleprompter. all right. brian hagerty who was at the rush holt town hall this past week. thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. nice to meet you. >> nice to see you. straight ahead, he could be running against president obama in 2012 but minnesota governor tim polenti says obama might be on the right track. he's going to explain in less than 15 minutes. one person not impressed with the president, the obama girl. why she says she's no longer in love with obama. if you're taking 8 extra-strength tylenol... a day on the days that you have arthritis pain, you could end up taking 4 times the number... of pills compared to aleve. choose aleve and you could start taking fewer pills. just 2 aleve have the strength... to relieve arthritis pain all day. should we order panda blossom, panda moon... how about chinese at home with new wanchai ferry?
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don: plus get free shipping on over 3,000 other prescriptions. don: call 1-800-2-refill for your free home delivery. save money. live better. walmart. >> good wednesday morning to you. january 27, 2010. thank you for sharing your time with us today. a high stakes speech for the president tonight. will he be able to reconnect with voters during his state of the union? we're going to talk to his press secretary for all the juicy details. robert gibbs coming up. >> speculation the president could announce the second stimulus in the speech tonight. do we need more to kick the economy back into gear? we'll report and you're going to decide about that. steve? >> brian, she was one of his biggest fans just a year ago. but the so-called obama girl having second thoughts. what's that about? what's she doing there anyway? >> that's a video, steve. >> meanwhile our slogan comes from albert in pennsylvania,
7:02 am
roses are red, violets are blue. "fox & friends" is number one and the competition knows it, too. good job. >> hi, i'm joe theismann and you're watching "fox & friends." i wake up with them in the morning. of course, not with brian. who would want to wake up with brian? you got to watch "fox & friends." >> that was joe theismann? >> i know. >> when theismann turns on you, it's time to cash in your chips. >> for him to even have something register in his brain about waking up with you is weird. >> yeah. >> he said waking up with him as a viewer. >> how do you know, gretchen? >> because i know joe. let's talk about what's going to happen tonight because president obama is going to deliver his state of the union address tonight in primetime, of course. his main focus now expected to be the economy. caroline schively joins us live from washington with a preview. hey, caroline. >> hey, the president plans one run through for the speech today, maybe two. as of last night, he was rewriting it mainly by hand. president is trying to cut the running time including breaks
7:03 am
for applause down to about an hour. before the big speech, the white house often distributes some talking points to its allies so they can put their own spin on it. here's what the white house has handed out this year. one, the president is making government more accessible and transparent. two, that he's been faithful to the central promises of his campaign. and three, this phrase, rescue, rebuild and restore. as in over the last year, he's rescued the country from the potential second great depression. he'll rebuild the economy and he's working to restore global relationships. now, that could be a tough sell for part of america. the president's current job rating stands at 50% approval and 42% disapproval. compare that to his highest approval rating a year ago, just after he took office, of 65% and his lowest which was mid november, 46%. that was right after unemployment hit the highest number of 26 years. but it's important to note a lot of the battle over a state of the union speech actually starts after it's over. virginia governor bob mcdonald will deliver the republican response and starting tomorrow, the president, vice president and several cabinet members are going on a p.r. blitz across the
7:04 am
country pushing the ideas he lays out tonight. steve, gretchen and brian, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, caroline. also, some other details are dripping out, according to "the wall street journal", president obama is going to suggest something that he talked a lot about on the campaign trail. and that is a cut, a tax cut in the capital gains tax even though at one point during the campaign and i think during one of the debates he didn't exactly know what the rate was, he's going to suggest that. the only problem with that is what are the chances of a democrat congress passing a capital gains cut? probably pretty slim. >> i don't know. that was before last week and scott brown winning the election, a lot of things have changed since then including the entire state of the union speech no doubt. but eliminating capital gains, as steve mentioned, he also plans to give small employers a tax credit for new hires potentially and extend bigger tax breaks to those who purchase new facilities and equipment. i think this will be -- this will be an amazing thing if president obama starts talking
7:05 am
about tax cuts. the other thing that i will pay close attention to is how much he's going to talk about the war on terror because i believe that's sort of in the sleeper issue here at least in the scott brown election. >> i would think it's going to come up but in detail, upon further review, the way the christmas bomber was handled, certainly raising a lot of eyebrows and some worry in the counterterror world but let's just talk about what "the wall street journal" and nbc combined to find out. that is what matters most to you. 51% of americans say they think the president has paid too little attention to the economy so that certainly is the number that i think the president kept in mind when he wrote up the speech with his team. 42% said just the right amount and too much, just 5%. something else the president will bring up, he's going to definitely play on the rage on the wall street bonuses many people feel. he's going to present a plan to take action against the middle class. we've seen drips and drabs about that. he's also going to talk about military families and possibly lifting don't ask, don't tell. >> that's right. i think one of the invited guests was suggested by the gay and lesbian chamber of commerce
7:06 am
will be seated up in the gallery watching with the first lady today. one other detail -- >> what led to that firestorm? >> because he promised the left. he promised his supporters in the gay and lesbian community he was going to do that. one of the detail from "the wall street journal" poll, 58% feel that the country is heading in the wrong direction. meanwhile, will he announce a second stimulus? now, keep in mind, we've heard the figure that half a trillion dollars, $500 billion has not even been spent from the first one and now he is -- some are suggesting they could do that. although some are also saying, well, isn't that democrat jobs bill really kind of a stimulus package? >> it's interesting. >> will he go along with that? >> maybe eight days ago, he would have announced a second stimulus. i'm not sure that would fly again with americans right now. he did announce that he was going to, you know, put in that freeze to save $15 to $17 billion over the next three
7:07 am
years. he's also going to freeze top officials' pay. apparently, if you're an appointed official, you're not going to get any kind of a bonus or anything like that but really, that's a symbolic gesture because in the whole face of trillions of dollars, telling somebody that they're not going to get a $2,000 bonus or something like that isn't going to make any difference in this huge deficit that we face. >> the spending freeze is symbolic. it's such a drop in the bucket. >> it's a step in the right direction according to a lot of people, though. >> yeah, but it's just -- it's so minuscule. when you look at the great big budget and talking about that much and there are so many loopholes of stuff that is not going to be included. it's all hands off. you know, a lot of people are scratching their head. clearly it's just a p.r. move because as gretchen mentioned, you know, the scott brown massachusetts miracles got people in the white house scratching their head. >> right. absolutely. so if people were talking about that, bottom line is revenues are down in this country so it didn't get them up. that's the best way to start paying down the deficit, maybe putting this country back on its feet again. i'm just wondering, too, we're used to the president starting
7:08 am
off the state of the union by the state of our union, you know, here is strong. we're looking back on the past, president ford say we're not doing good and in the past, people saying getting better. how will the president of the united states open up tonight? will he stay strong, stronger on the comeback trail? will it be a feel good? will it be a reach out? we'll have to see. but one thing the president probably won't bring up but has to be on his mind, how the obama girl feels. what about her who mouthed the words to a song that was written during when he was trying to become president? is he still in his camp? >> interesting thing is, you know, when she first made this video, she wouldn't say if she was in his camp or not. then she came out and said she actually voted for him, i believe. but now, could it be that she's like all those independents in massachusetts who 3-1 went against the president who now has fallen out of love with barack obama? apparently so. >> yeah, she says in an exclusive interview in "the new
7:09 am
york post" today that she wishes he would have done more work during his first year. working on stuff. and that his job approval with her is "ok." i would have -- >> i wouldn't be surprised if that is mentioned in the republican response to the state of the union about amber. but she could offer it. >> here's the other interesting thing. she says she doesn't have health care because she can't afford it. but even being that the case, she says that she thought that it was a distraction because the economy was so bad and she says she's kind of feeling the sentiments of the regular american out there. >> a lot of people are emailing in saying they're willing to take care of her deductible. >> really? >> what is her deductible? >> not that much. people -- >> your honor the health caunde plan, it would have been an $8,000 fine, wouldn't it? >> yes. >> i want to remind you to watch fox news tonight and then the post game show is going to kick off tomorrow morning at 5:00
7:10 am
a.m., complete recap and analysis. we'll be here live and we hope that -- you could set your alarm for 5:00 and watch us early because we are paid by the viewer. >> in your underpants. >> me? >> right. if you normally get up -- >> now, that would be a ratings blockbuster. >> if you don't have to get up until 6:00 but you want to watch us, watch us in your -- watch us not fully dressed because we're up at 5:00 and just be ready to go. >> glenn beck brought up the other day he watches the program, i believe, in his, let's say, pajamas. >> this is going nowhere fast. so let's break into your headlines right now because it's been two weeks since that devastating earthquake in haiti. people are still being pulled from the rubble, though, alive. this is amazing. look at this man. members of america's 82nd airborne rescued this 35-year-old man from a collapsed building in port-au-prince. he's being treated now for a broken leg and dehydration but hundreds of flights still waiting permission to land with all these supplies. u.n. is reporting a backlog of seven days to be able to get in there.
7:11 am
the house homeland security committee continues to hold a hearing on how the underwear bomber got on to flight 253. they'll have those hearings today. two chairmen from the 9/11 commission testified yesterday saying the obama administration just hasn't been focusedd enoug on terror. >> i do not think he has a firm grasp yet of the intelligence community. >> and things got a little off track. >> homeland security chief janet napolitano says the u.s. will work with european security officials are sharing passenger data and using full body scanners at airports around the world to avoid similar attacks. five former taliban officials have been removed from a u.s. sanctions list ahead of tomorrow's key international conference in london. that means they can now travel freely and their assets are unfrozen. the conference is expected to focus on afghan government plan to persuade militants to switch sides. president karzai expected to continue to push for the removal
7:12 am
of certain taliban figures from this list as part of a reconciliation effort. a yale lab technician is hit with a new murder charge now in the death of 24-year-old annie lei. raymond clark is now charged with felony murder. clark pleaded not guilty to that charge and one count of murder. under the felony murder law, prosecutors don't have to prove the killing was intentional. he's accused of strangling her and stuffing her body inside a wall in september. the motive for that killing remains unclear. all right. let's check out the weather picture. >> yep and the weather picture, take a look in southern california right now. as you can see in the doppler, there was some precipitation and look at how the rains have left garbage on california shores from all the erosion, these video pictures are from pacifica. all the stuff that washed up and they collected it as well they should. and there are a number of buildings ta are about to fall in as well because the erosion has chewed up the ground underneath it. real quickly, take a look at the big map and it shows you that
7:13 am
much of the country is nice and dry with the exception of a storm that is brewing as you can see right there in southern california and that eventually will turn into what could be a dangerous storm expected to impact areas from the southern rockies to the mid atlantic by saturday. so keep an eye on that. >> all right. 13 minutes past the top of the hour. straight ahead, how can president obama regain his lack of voter confidence in some cases? a potential opponent of his 2012, in 2012. minnesota governor tim pawlenty live with some tips for the commander in chief. >> controversial pro life ad set to air during the super bowl is already causing a stir. it stars tim tebow talking about family values. >> i don't feel like i'm very preachy about it but i do stand up for what i believe and at least you can respect that because i do stand up and unfortunately in today's society, not many athletes tend to do that. >> some people find it offensive. we'll report, you decide. ♪
7:14 am
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7:16 am
>> we all know what's going to happen tonight. the president now just hours away from giving his first state of the union address. so what message does he need to recapture voter confidence? our next guest could be running against president obama in 2012 but says the president is finally on the right track? minnesota governor tim pawlenty joins us from minneapolis. good morning to you, governor. >> good morning, gretchen. >> is that true, you think the president now is on the right track?
7:17 am
in what way? >> i wouldn't say he's on the right track, no. all i said is the first step on the road to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. and at least rhetorically, he's admitting we have a spending problem. the steps he's taking are small but not enough but it's a start in the mind set away of governing the nation a hard left dangerous way to saying we've gone too far. maybe it's a first step towards a better path for him. we'll see. proof is in the pudding. >> the freezing, the savings of $15 billion to $17 billion over the next three years. so you're not one of the people, a conservative who is attacking that saying that's just a gimmick? >> well, i am saying it is a gimmick but it's better than what the path that he was on. so i'm saying look, it's a small step. it's a symbolic step but it's better than the path that he was on. but it's not nearly enough, gretchen. you look at it, of course, you're not touching the entitlement programs, i think correctly he's not touching
7:18 am
defense and security and then that effective over 10 years is inperceptable, he should be talking about cutting spending, not freezing. he should be cutting taxes and not raising them and he should go back to the table on health care and do bipartisan cost controls on health care and we should stop this spending binge and pass the constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget. those are the kinds of things he should be talking about. these little things that he's doing will help in the margins but they won't really tackle the problem. >> all right. let me talk to you a little bit about the war on terror. do you think he's going to address that tonight? because that polled second in massachusetts last week, according to the voters up there, they, you know, were a little worried about that with this president. >> well, yeah, i think he has learned or will learn that it is weakness, not strength that tempts our enemies. we don't want to go around the world apologizing and accommodating. we want to not be -- have our goal in national security be that we be popular in europe. the goal should be that our nation is secure and safe. and so i applaud him for putting
7:19 am
the additional troops into afghanistan, for example, but he took too long to make the decision and he shouldn't have announced the withdrawal simultaneously with announcing the surge but that's clearly on america's mind. underwear bomber bought a lot of that back. we'll be in that war for a long time and i hope that he'll be strong and diligent as that gets prosecuted but he's signaled on a number of fronts, some equivocation and delay in his thinking. i hope he'll come out strong tonight. >> all right. we'll have more with governor tim pawlenty in a moment, if you can stick around, governor. it's the most important speech of his presidency so far and here with a preview of his boss's big night, we'll be talking to white house press secretary robert gibbs. and we showed you this miracle shot yesterday. a kansas coach blindfolded at half court hits it. watch this. turns out this isn't the first time. oh, my gosh! we'll show you what tops it. you won't believe it.
7:20 am
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7:22 am
7:23 am
>> we're back with minnesota governor tim pawlenty. governor, i want to ask you what you think the reverberations will be from this scott brown win moving forward. we've seen the drastic effects so far in just this last week with health care, basically, being dead but what's going to happen for republicans and democrats? >> well, i think the results are having a stunningly good effect, if i would have told you and your viewers to -- 15 years ago that the obsession, the 20 year obsession of the democrats for national health care would be upended by a republican winning ted kennedy's seat in massachusetts, you would have given that one in a million shot. but clearly, president obama is recalibrating his rhetoric. i hope he'll recalibrate his agenda as a result of that. it's amazing how getting defeated in new jersey and virginia and now massachusetts is recalibrating the president's
7:24 am
agenda. and i think that's a good move in terms of the nation forcing him to change his direction. he was governing the country as a liberal. i don't think the country is comfortable with that. they're pushing back and saying enough. we've had enough. including the spending issue and that's why we started this new web site i hope people will check that out. >> tim pawlenty, potential candidate running against president obama in 2012. thanks for being our guest. >> you're welcome, gretchen. >> now, we go over to the white house and joining us, press secretary robert gibbs. robert, thanks for joining us again and i know you're indoors, it's a little cold outside. i don't blame you. >> it's a little chilly. i'm happy to be cozy and warm in here talking to you. >> all right. i appreciate it. robert, i guess to kick it off today, we know the president is going to be focusing on the economy. and are we talking mostly tax cuts and spending cuts? >> well, i think he'll do a couple of different things on the economy. he will outline tax cuts for small businesses that hire more
7:25 am
workers. eliminating capital gains for people that invest in a small business. how do we get more capital and credit flowing from community banks to small businesses that allow hiring? he'll also talk about what we talked a little bit about yesterday which is freezing nonsecurity domestic spending and beginning to deal again with our deficit. we know that we have seen us get off the path of fiscal responsibility over the past many years. and it's time to get back on that track. >> sure. robert, you know, a lot has been made of the president's first year there at 1600 pennsylvania. and, you know, some of his critics have said look, he didn't deliver what he promised the american people he would. you know, change we can believe in and stuff like that. will the president tonight admit, you know, i've had some rough patches. i've made some mistakes. >> look, the president is happy to admit mistakes because i think he would tell you guys, he makes them each and every day.
7:26 am
what the president, though, wants to focus on tonight is the american people and, you know, i just heard your last guest who seemed to answer every question like every day in washington was election day. i don't think that's the case because millions of americans are hurting in this country. what we need to do is work together as democrats and republicans to address their problems instead of playing the back and forth of politics and political games each day which don't make college more affordable for a family. don't make a retirement more secure, don't put people back to work. that's what people in this country are tired of, the anger and frustration of an economic collapse. we understand in this country. now it's time to work together to get it moving again. >> robert, you say that the president wants to focus on the american people. a lot of those american people have said that he wasn't focusing on them for the last year and he was talking all about health care instead about talking about the economy and a lot of those same voters up in massachusetts in the exit polls said they didn't agree with the president on the war on terror.
7:27 am
will he announce tonight a major shift on that and decide to try khalid sheik muhammad as an enemy combatant and take that trial out of new york city? >> there's no doubt that the president will talk tonight about the challenges that we face for terrorist groups like al-qaida that wish to do us harm. he'll also outline the steps that we've taken to take the fight directly to them. we've already put more troops in afghanistan than were ever there before. and in the hills between afghanistan and pakistan are where al-qaida sits right now planning to do us harm just as they do in yemen and somalia which is why we worked with governments around the world to take the fight directly to al-qaida and eliminate many of its leaders. >> i'm talking about right here on the home front. that guy almost blew up a plane here on american soil and a lot of people are concerned about trying these terrorists and giving them all the rights of a regular criminal here in america. will the president change his mind will the public uproar
7:28 am
about this right now? >> no, the president is not going to change his mind and understand this, we're going to try that suspect in detroit just as richard reed who tried to blow up a plane in 2001, just as he was tried in boston, massachusetts, just as you mentioned, just as zacarias moussaoui, the 20th hijacker was tried not too many miles from here in alexandria, virginia, you know, we have -- we can bring justice in this country. we can seek justice on behalf of the thousands that were killed on 9/11. we shouldn't be afraid to employ our justice system on behalf of bringing murderous, terrorist thugs to justice once and for all. >> the justice would be the key everyone agrees on, it's just getting the most intelligence out of them, too. looking back, most bush officials said we made a mistake, the war in afghanistan was a month old. richard reed comes as a shoe bomber. no gitmo was set up.
7:29 am
no debate of what to do with the war that was just sprung on us but i also notice in looking back, jose padilla and this amari character, two al-qaida terrorists were transferred out of criminal court into military custody. the president could do that. there's precedent for that. is he considering that? >> look, i'm not going to get into some of our intelligence both of those -- how are both of those individuals tried and convicted? they were transferred where? back to a civilian court, justice was rendered. they're now serving time in jail where they should be. >> robert, let's -- ok, we'll be watching for what he says regarding that tonight. also, there are a lot of people who really have been pushing hard for health care reform. they're going to be watching. is the president going to really put all of his weight behind, you know, going through with this even though it looks as if there aren't the votes in both chambers necessarily. i know the president said a couple of days ago, i didn't make any -- a bunch of deals on stuff like that but is he going
7:30 am
to come forward and say, ok, i want health care to pass and i'm going to put everything behind it? >> look, health care is the same problem in this country in terms of skyrocketing costs and the practices of insurance companies, discriminating against families that can't get care because somebody tells them on the other end of the line that they have a pre-existing condition. that was a problem last week. that was a problem last year and it's going to be a problem after the president finishes speaking tonight. we're close to getting health care reform in this country that will make health care more affordable for millions of americans and cut costs for those that already have it. it's one of the reasons why when people work harder and harder and they bring home less each week, it's because their health care costs go up. >> sure. >> so the president will certainly discuss as part of our economic plans, continuing efforts to reform health care and put main street -- put washington back on the side of main street rather than insurance companies. >> well, robert, does he want the bills that are out there right now to go forward or is he
7:31 am
for as some on capitol hill have suggested, let's blow this up and start over? >> well, look, we've made some good progress. i'm going to let the president tonight outline for the american people exactly what he thinks we have to do moving forward. i think you'll see that focus on the economy, about 2/3 of the speech as it's written right now focuses on our economic challenges and continuing to get millions of people back to work. >> if you would like to put money in the pockets of the american people, there's an irish bookie who is betting on the president's speech tonight like the super bowl, when the coin toss, they said that, for example, they're giving odds that the president -- it's called patty power, robert. they're giving odds that the president wears a red tie, cliches he might use. if you could give us one of them, we could put some money down. we'll get that money out of europe and bring it here. for example, will you commit to the president's tie color? therefore, i'm getting 4-1 odds on red tie. can you commit to that, robert? >> you know, i don't want to
7:32 am
say this outloud but i can talk to the president about this and see what we can do. >> so could you have him wear a red tie tonight? >> you probably are going to put -- if you guys are going to put a lot of cash on red, let me go see the president right now. >> the first line that has 250-1. >> undoubtedly, can i say this? undoubtedly the department of justice and local authorities are dialing their phones even as we speak. >> monitoring our conversation. >> right. i don't think he's going to say let's get ready to rumble. that's at 250-1. >> he would say that. >> yeah, i have to say i've read the speech and that got cut. >> oh. >> i'm sure they'll have something to say about that. thanks so much. >> thanks, guys. >> now for reaction, let's turn to dana perino who is somebody who used to sit in his chair as former white house press secretary under george w. bush. all right, dana, we just talked to robert gibbs for six minutes. what's the headline for you? >> you know, look, i think
7:33 am
state of the unions are a great tradition in america. but i also think they are completely overblown. and i think that this white house would probably agree. i know that there's so much lead up to it, the difference with this state of the union to me is that i don't recall one where a president was having to give a state of the union address the week after a major defeat politically. and that's what president obama is having to do tonight. that major defeat in the massachusetts race has a lot of consequences and one of them is that the signature legislative initiative that they tried to push all last year on health care is now for all intensive purposes, looks like it's not going to go anywhere unless they make a decision to push it through on reconciliation. >> significance here as well, dana, is they had to have a lot of erasers on hand because they had to basically erase the entire speech they had written nine days ago probably touting health care reform and turn it all to the economy. what was your impression about
7:34 am
robert gibbs saying that 2/3 of the speech will focus on the economy? >> well, i think that -- i think people have that top of mind. they probably spend 2/3 of their time thinking about the economy and so i think that's appropriate. i do think, though, that any president has lots of things that they have to deal with. the economy, in our case i'm very concerned about the issues regarding terrorism and the issue you were talking to robert about in regards to the charging as a criminal defendant of the terrorist from christmas and many other issues and i'll tell you, there's something else out there that is going to take up a lot of the president's time this year. and nobody knows what it is yet. and that's what's the interesting thing about the state of the union. as soon as that speech is given, he's going to talk about spending freeze and then next monday, he's going to talk about the budget. >> uh-huh. >> so the ideals of fiscal discipline and conservative ideals in regards to that, i think, are welcome. i think that people are a little bit skeptical whether they'll see them through, not just from
7:35 am
the president's standpoint. that's not necessarily the problem. i the democratically led congress that has increased spending this year by 24%. >> we had dick morris on in the first hour and he said for the most part, you're right. state of the unions don't do much for presidential approval ratings. but when you have a gifted speaker like bill clinton was, he used to go up maybe double digits sometimes and sustain it. and then you have president obama who is by all accounts a great communicator, do you think that he does have more at stake than most presidents now especially after that loss and then maybe this is -- this is a little different from the average state of the union? >> i have to say just having been with president bush over eight years and almost every big speech he was going to give, the buzz leading up to it was this is the most important speech of his life. >> correct. >> so i think the state of the union speech is going to be very, very important and then who knows, you know in a month or two, they'll have another primetime address and that will be the most important speech of his life. >> sure. it's interesting you should point that out because when you look at this president, i mean,
7:36 am
how many times has he been on tv in the last year? how many times has he called the broadcast networks and said -- >> how many times has he been on tv in the last week? >> exactly. with the big abc exclusive where he was -- >> yeah. >> now, did he do that so that he could say a bunch of stuff to diane sawyer that he does not have to say in the well of the house? >> possibly. i mean, again, the state of the union address is this amazingly powerful communications tool that presidents can wield so they can lead up to the state of the union with lots of different people. i know the administration has people covering the airways today. and it's a great tool. what's curious to me is they don't leave a lot of mystery. when you see president obama in primetime tonight, you will have seen him in primetime twice over the past week and then you saw him last -- they just -- there's a lot of coverage. i'm not saying that they're driving it, necessarily. sometimes they do in granting these interviews but by the time he gets to the speech on wednesday night, it's like there's not a lot of mystery
7:37 am
left. >> yeah. >> although there will be a tremendous amount of analysis tomorrow based on what you started your interview talking about which is the election just last week. there's going to be so much analysis on how he handled that and how much of the fall he took for that. dana, we'll look forward to speaking with you and picking your brain about that later on. thanks so much. >> ok. bye-bye. >> by the way, if you go on patty power right now, i think he might wear a red tie. >> looks like it. >> we got an insider tip. all right, it is 22 minutes before the top of the hour. other headlines on this wednesday. he had maps of fort drum, new york, rifles, grenade launchers and a night scope but the f.b.i. says lloyd woodson of virginia does not appear to have any connection to terrorism. police say the 43-year-old was wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying a concealed assault rifle when he -- when they busted him. bail is set at $75,000. fort drum, of course, is the training center for the 10th mountain division, now deployed in afghanistan. >> police say they are fairly
7:38 am
confident that they have found the remains of missing virginia tech student morgan harrington. skeletal remains were found at a nearby farm. the 20-year-old student has been missing since october when she got separated from friends at a metallica concert. brian? >> in an unprecedented move, never before been done, hence unprecedented is the word i used. toyota will stop selling eight of its most popular cars because of a problem with sticking gas pedals that causes cars to accelerate. you just can't get one. that's including the top selling corolla and camry. toyota says production of the cars will also stop beginning monday so they're not making them and you can't sell them. you can find the full list of affected cars at >> wow. >> meanwhile, what will apple computer be showing off to the world today? the tech world is stirring and a buzz. c.e.o. steve jobs says it will be a "major new product." it is expected to be probably, the experts say, a 10 inch touch
7:39 am
screen tablet device. here's one artist's rendition of what it might look like. it may let viewers and users watch movies and tv shows. you could listen to music. you could check your email and perhaps you could read books. jobs at apple will make the announcement today at 1:00 eastern in san francisco. we'll have details right here on fox. > >> 65 years ago today, soviet troops liberated surviving prisoners at the auschwitz camp in southern poland. 1.1 million people had already died there. most of them, of course, jewish. survivors, world dignitaries and russian army vets are attending a commemoration later this morning. president obama will address the gathering by video link. >> all right. >> let's go to brian because he's talking about a little bit of a controversy with the heisman trophy winner. >> yeah, tim tebow who many people would love to raise a son just like have created some
7:40 am
controversy because of his beliefs. he's making big waves off the field for a pro life ad he'll appear in during the super bowl. the pro life ad is his life story. it tells the story about his mom who got sick when pregnant with tim. doctors urged her have an abortion. she did not and now some women's groups are protesting the ad paid for by a christian group saying it only provides a point of view. tebow was very grateful his mom decided to keep him 22 years ago. >> that's the reason i'm here is because my mom was a very courageous woman and, you know, wouldn't say no in a lot of circumstances. so, you know, that's the reason i'm here and i'm very thankful for that. >> he's looking to be a first round draft pick next year, by the way. tebow has long been open about his strong christian beliefs and family values. >> british soccer player on his way to setting a world record. juggling the ball for 30 miles through the streets of london. in soccer lingo, it's called keepy uppy. no it isn't. it's called juggling.
7:41 am
somebody tried to get me that -- without using your hands. soccer freestyle dan mangus holds the record for 24 hours but he set the record standing still. congratulations, dan. it was a piece of cake? you got to be kidding me. it's exhausting and by the way, one last story. we showed you this incredible blindfolded half court shot yesterday out of kansas high school where steve didn't graduate. it was a basketball coach. he hits that shot blindfolded, crowd goes crazy. he's supposed to be -- he was supposed to be duped but he wasn't. a reporter wanted to cover this story because the guy hit the shot. so this reporter tried to do a standup talking about it. let's watch him. >> a blindfolded half court shot that is now the talk of campus and beyond. >> he cannot believe what happened. we'll talk to the coach a little bit later on in the show. so the reporter nails it. how cool is that?
7:42 am
>> that is fantastic. >> and luckily, all caught on camera. >> right. all caught on camera and i don't think he believes it. we'll have the coach on in the next hour here on fox. >> can you imagine doing that, you hit the stand up, hit the shot and you blow the lock out. >> i forgot what i was supposed to say at the end. >> you could just use it any way. >> i would. >> what does tim geithner know about a so-called back door bailout for a.i.g. insurance giant? he's on the hill today answering some tough questions. the ranking republican on that oversight committee joins us next. >> and nearly 100 homes about to fall off a cliff, perhaps, all because of an insect. owners fighting for the fate of their homes against their own state. >> trivia question of the day -- this is not pay the hospital insurance. this is not pay the doctor insurance.
7:43 am
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now you can fade and prevent discolorations all day. new tone correcting spf 30. people often choose light foods without really looking. 310 calories? 8 grams of fat? compare that to select harvest light soups. wow. 80 calories. and no fat. delicious, satisfying select harvest light. from campbell's. >> news by the numbers. first let's start with 1550. that's how many g.m. and chrysler dealers will appeal orders to their dealerships. there will be hearings and there will be cases that should be resolved by mid june and believe me, they are angry. next, 79. that's how old the lifelong jewel thief doris payne is and she was just arrested again trying to steal a burberry trench coat in california. halle berry is set to play payne in an upcoming movie baseed on her life called "who is doris
7:46 am
payne? "and that's how much james cameron's "avatar" has made worldwide so far making it the biggest grossing movie of all time. cameron's other blockbuster "titanic" was number two. what was that about again? >> did he just walk through some numbers? speaking of numbers, treasury secretary tim geithner is in the hot seat today as he gets ready to testify before a congressional panel at 10:00 this morning. he plans to deny any involvement in the controversial transactions between his federal reserve in new york that headed up and a.i.g. california congressman daryl isa is the ranking republican on the house oversight and government perform committee. he joins us right now. >> thanks for having me on and certainly today will be an important learning day for the congress about what really went on more than a year ago. >> yeah. in particular, congressman, what concerns you is this deal where a.i.g., remember, the nation was falling down the steps
7:47 am
financially and a.i.g. made this deal where they would pay certain creditors 100 cents on the dollar. they didn't have to do that but they did that. they paid goldman-sachs and other big entities like that. then there was a cover-up and the big question is how high up did it go? did tim geithner know about it? that's one thing you want to know. >> certainly, that's one of the most important things is what did tim geithner know and when did he stop knowing it? because his general counsel has already said he became recused on november 24, 2008. we can accept that. most of these transactions and the decisions to pay 100 cents on the dollar, decisions to cover up at least in some ways occurred before that date. >> but just the fact that we are talking about a cover-up at the highest reaches of government, it's trouble -- you know, and he says his -- in fact, here's part of his statement. he said "i had no role in making decisions regarding what to disclose about the specific
7:48 am
financial terms of maiden lane 2, maiden lane 3 and payments to a.i.g.'s counterparties." so other people were involved but nonetheless, just the fact that the sweetheart deals were going on behind the scene and don't tell the american people what was going on, that is disturbing. >> steve, there's no question that although we're looking primarily into the cover-up, the american people are asking the bigger question which is why did we have to give money that in this case will not be paid back? this is not loans to the banks. this is back door bailouts that, in fact, are gone forever because they were effectively insurance policies and that's a big part of it. i've been a defender that if banks borrow money and pay it back with interest and a -- an additional amount, these warrants, that's the good part of the deal. this is the bad part of the deal. this is the part that your grandchildren will be paying back to the chinese. >> so what you're saying is the american people got hood winked. >> the american people were not
7:49 am
well protected by chairman bernanke, by tim geithner and others and that's part of what i think we're going to uncover. some of my members are not going to stay to the narrow script of just the cover-up and i can't blame them because they want to look at the picture that is still very cloudy and in fact, why as late as may of last year, there was an order to seal the records for the security exchange commission until 2018 as though we -- this is a national secret we should never know. >> yeah. where's the transparency? oh, yeah, i forgot. darrell issa, going to be busy today, about two hours and 10 minutes from now, you'll be seeing highlights here on fox. congressman, thank you very much. >> thanks, steve. appreciate you covering it. >> you bet. up next, homes close to going over the edge thanks to a bug that is eroding the cliff. so can't we just kill the bugs? nope, the government is protecting the bugs. that story that is going to bug you next. it's a rule of nature.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> to the trivia question, james cromwell, the winner is from south carolina. good job, mike. it's man vs. insect in the chesapeake bay area of maryland. people who live along an eroding cliff risk losing their homes and all of their property to save an endangered beetle. joining us right now, home owner bill carmichael who lives on the cliff. when he bought the house, he knew there was erosion. but he knew how to fix it. but the beetle is stopping you. what do you mean, bill? we're going out of our way to save a beetle? and other homes could fall off a cliff? >> exactly. there will be some falling in here within a year or two. much closer than mine. >> what is this -- this beetle is listed as an endangered
7:54 am
insect. it lives about a year and a half in the soil and the government won't let you kill it and if you build these retaining walls, they will suffer? >> correct. there's approximately 3,000 according to them insects in those hills that they want to protect. >> so you bought the house in 1992, special loan for people who bought houses in this area, that's the reason you bought it to build retaining walls but now they won't let you do it. >> exactly. >> exactly. been fighting this since 1997. >> when you bought the house, how far were you from -- from the cliff? >> i was 60 feet from the cliff. >> today, you are? >> which is -- >> today, i'm 28. >> so they're allowing this beetle to live while your house could fall and eventually be condemned. here's what the department of natural resources says in reaction to the plight you and your neighbors are going through. we continue to suggest proven remedies for the situation. the state in the past has also offered financial assistance through low interest loans to assist homeowners in putting the recommended solutions in place.
7:55 am
what do you mean? what are the recommended solutions that you're avoiding doing? >> well, what we'd like to do is put a wall at the bottom to protect the toe of the cliff and stop it. i don't know about what situation they led us to do. we were not allowed to do anything yet. >> what does this beetle do? does it solve crime? does it figure out math problems, seek out uranium? why is this beetle so valuable? >> i don't understand it. nobody can answer that question. they just -- they got put on that federal endangered list and after that point, it's -- it's nothing you can do after that. it's pathetic. >> never seen the beetle although we have a shot of it. bill, how many neighbors are affected? >> approximately 80 to 90. >> how do they -- how do they feel about it? have some of them given up and thrown in the towel and moved out? >> no. they haven't moved out just yet. a couple of people might be forced to move out shortly. i guess the only solution yet is
7:56 am
legal. more costly than -- at the end of this, government is going to come in and have to buy the properties and then pay to have the properties removed, the houses so i don't understand it. not at all. >> so bill, you guys form an association. you're together. are you going to pool resources, get a lawyer and fight the government? >> yes, we've been talking to three legal firms so far and we'll pick one here shortly to pursue it. >> and bottom line is what kind of hope do they give you that you could solve this, live in the home that you bought and willing to take out loans to preserve? >> well, i think the only action is going to be inverse condemnation and that -- like i say, that's the only thing left. some of these people at this point can't afford to protect their property even if they would allow them because the cliffs have moved in so close, some of them are only six, eight feet from the house. and we're talking 100 foot cliff. >> bill carmichael, how frustrating is this? unbelievable. thanks for sharing your story. hopefully your 80 to 90
7:57 am
homeowners will speak up loud enough and the legal team strong enough to win this fight against the beetle who only lives a year and a half. thanks. >> thank you for your time. >> straight ahead, a developing story overnight. shots fired between north and south korea. then, just when you thought town halls were dying down, listen -- >> family members that are in -- >> we're going to talk to one of the voters at that contentious meeting. and then now you see him and now you won't. why a billboard featuring president obama is about to come down.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good wednesday morning to you, january 27, 2010. thank you for sharing your time today. jobs and the economy, two things the president is expected to focus on in his state of the upaddress tonight. press secretary robert gibbs moments ago giving us a sneak peek. >> look, the president is happy to admit mistakes because i think he would tell you he makes them each and every day. what the president wants to focus on tonight is the american people. >> a complete preview of the speech straight ahead. >> so the economy is the it topic. the economy? wait a minute. what happened to health care?
8:01 am
we're going to have a sound bite on that a little later on. >> there is no rush. this a congress. what we have done lasts two years. we just finished our first year. >> i told you there would be a sound bite. there is harry reid. but is there actually a secret deal already being made? one democratic insider says yes and says he knows what it will look like, brian. >> he said there is no rush. no rush for health care. >> gone viral, a coach blindfolded at half court, he makes the shot. find out how he did it, what he thought about it when he live. >> how hard could that be, come on. >> also this hour, coming from karen in connecticut. fox and "friends," i don't know about joe heisman, but i would love to wake up with brian. >> you're watching "fox & friends" and if you ain't, why not? >> thank you, larry. >> last hour we started with a
8:02 am
slogan from joe theisman about making up with everybody else except brian. >> by the way, you mow who wrote that? >> petra, kova. >> the former super model you have fallen out of love with. >> i broke out of love with her when she started dating sean penn. >> meanwhile, speaking of president obama, he delivers his state of the union address tonight. the main focus will be the economy. that is why wendell is live in the north lawn of the white house with a preview. good morning to you. >> good morning. real balancing act for the president. he will admit making mistakes in his first year in office, even as he tries rebuild confidence in his leadership with polls suggesting about half the country doesn't approve of his job performance. the president will try and refocus on the economy, while at the same time, not giving up his push for health care reform.
8:03 am
he will call on congress to finish work on legislation that would provide tax cuts for new hires and new equipment purchases and zero out capital gains for small businesses. about two-thirds of the speech, according to press secretary robert gibbs, will be on economic challenges. the president will say that education is exempt from the spending freeze he is calling for. he wants a 6% boost in education spending, even though aides say his budget will consolidate many programs in the kindergarten through 12 program to save money and increase efficiency. with polls indicating mr. obama is the most polarizing president in recent memory, enjoying the support of 88% of democrats and just 23% of republicans, gibbs says there will be a call for both parties to work together. >> what we need to do is work together as democrats and republicans to address their problems instead of playing the
8:04 am
back and forth of politics and political games each day, which don't make college more affordable for a family, don't make a retirement more secure, don't put people back to work. that's what people in this country are tired of. >> you can look for the president's aides after the speech to push a couple of common themes. one is that the president is delivered or at least tried to deliver the things he promised in the campaign, another is that he has made government more transparent and more accessible. guys, back to you. >> all right. robert gibbs would not commit to the color neck tie that the president will wear because patty power, the on-line irish better, is taking bets. right now it's four to one red tie. you've been watching this for many, many years. how do you weigh in on this, what color? >> i'm thinking not pink. >> that's probably a good guess, not pink. >> all right. >> thanks very much for that update. >> some of the smaller things that happen is who the special guests are. i understand the two officers
8:05 am
who took down hasan. >> kimberly nunley and sergeant mark todd. >> they will be there and he'll salute them. >> one of the other special guests in the first lady's seating area will be trevor yeager, an openly gay business owner in indianapolis, the national gay and lesbian chamber of commerce recommended him as a potential guest. i would look for him to touch on some gay issues. >> what did he do? >> he'll be right up there sitting next to the first lady. >> sometimes they serve as a distraction from the issues at hand. one of the things maybe the president doesn't want to really talk about is making potential mistakes in his first year. earlier on the show we talked to robert gibbs, his spokesperson about that. >> is happy to admit mistakes because i think he would tell you guys he makes them each and every day. what the president wants to focus on tonight is the american
8:06 am
people. he will outline tax cuts for small businesses that hire more workers, eliminating capital gains for people that invest in a small business. how do we get more capital and credit flowing from community banks to small businesses that allow hiring? he'll also talk about what we talked a little about yesterday, which is freezing nonsecurity domestic spending and beginning to deal again with our deficit. >> all right. so tonight the president has got a big mountain o climb because there are a lot of people out there who are upset the way things have gone so far in his first year. there is a brand-new "wall street journal" poll out that takes a look at how he's done. 51% of you believe he paid too little attention to the economy. so tonight he's going to focus on the economy and jobs. and 44% of you believe he has paid too much attention to overhauling health care when, in fact, perhaps he should have been thinking about jobs and there you've got that as well.
8:07 am
>> and that really has been his push because think about it, i'm sure he didn't say, i'm going to push health care up until christmas. then he said let's get it done by christmas. when it looked like he was gog get it -- going to get it done, he said let's get it done in june. now there is space between the election of scott brown. >> we're talking to the speech writers earlier and they say they start crafting the state of the union as early as thanksgiving time. you can just imagine how different that first draft of the state of the union looked before the crotch bomber took us all by surprise on december 25. and then scott brown took us all by surprise just last week. so there is no doubt been many different versions of this speech and it's no doubt very different from the one in which he originally intended to give. >> i wonder how many times the president will say the word, i. there is a thing, i think that talks about how the president
8:08 am
gave a jobs speech one week ago today and he used the word "i" 132 times. he mentioned tax cuts twice. >> eight minutes after the hour, let me remind you we will be on at 5:00 a.m eastern time for a recap on the great speech, the ramifications will be vast. we'll break it down for you first thing in the morning. >> over the summer time we were showing you a lot of those heated town halls specifically about health care. guess what? they're still going on. take a look at what happened at one town hall in new jersey. >> yeah. this particular town hall was being held by an incouple bent democrat. that guy talking in a loud voice. he was on "fox & friends" about
8:09 am
90 minutes ago. here he is explaining why people who go to these town halls are angry. >> we wanted to talk about cap and trade and obama care and how they're bankrupting america and don't seem to care. and we got fed up with just being, you know, placated. the guy was looking down to us more than answering questions. >> i thought the best comeback was when someone said, is that an example for kids to see how you talk to a congressman? he said yes, it's a way of saying to a kid, speak you have. you can take action. take part in your government. be aware and hold your elected officials accountable. >> exactly right. >> he's very concerned. he's a union carpenter and he was very concerned about the so-called cadillac tax. but he has been assured by his union people that they won't have to worry about it. of course, that is if that sweetheart deal goes through. >> last week everyone thought health care in its current form
8:10 am
would be dead now because of the election of scott brown. most pundeaths are saying that except for one, who believes there is a secret plan going on between nancy pelosi and harry reid and that, in fact, they may go this reconciliation nuclear option way if they can get enough members of the house to go in with this plan. who is that one pundit? dick morris. he has said this even the day after the election of scott brown. no doubt health care will still happen. listen to dick. >> what they're planning to do is go to the house and say, look, we don't have 60 votes in the senate. so please pass the senate bill as is and once you do that, it can go directly to the white house and become law. we promise that we in the senate will use reconciliation, requiring only 51 votes, to fix the bill to incorporate the amendments that you, the house, want incorporated.
8:11 am
this is designed to appease the liberal members of the house who are saying the senate bill doesn't go far enough. the problem is can pelosi still count on the conservatives who voted for the bill? >> that is resourceful. but they don't know what kind of support we have in the house right now. senator feinstein says congressional leaders got to figure out what they can pass. forget this gigantic bill. try to find something smaller that's more understandable for the public and acknowledge the odds are long and far reaching for anything that substantial. >> he also said he would be surprised if the president specifically told congress tonight how to get health care done. you'll see it all tonight right here on fox starting at 8:00 o'clock, speech at 9:00 o'clock. >> let's do a couple quick headlines. fox news alert, north and south korea exchanging fire on the high seas this morning. it is happening in a disputed border area. the south fired warning shots in the wear. the north shells landed in its own waters.
8:12 am
right now there are no reports of casualties. yesterday the north declared a no sail zone in the disputed area of the yellow sea. been two weeks since that earthquake in haiti. people still being pulled from the rubble alive. members of the 82nd airborne rescued a 35-year-old man in port-au-prince. he is now being treated for a broken leg and dehydration. but hundreds of flights, they're still waiting permission to actually get to haiti to land with their supplies. the u.n. reporting a back log of at least seven days. a time square billboard with the president on it is supposed to be coming down at this hour. you're looking at a live picture of the billboard showing the president wearing a weatherproof jacket during a visit to the great wall of china. the president never gave the company permission to use the picture. they're replacing it with abraham lincoln. the company says it reached out to sarah palin to model the upcoming women's line, but they haven't heard back yet.
8:13 am
paula abdul may be trading in her judge's seat for dancing shoes. on dancing for the stars, they have offered her a $1 million development deal to appear on the show. she says it's not her dream job, but she would do it for the chance of a larger role at abc. officials with dancing with the stars say they're not confirming or denying whether abdul will be a contestant. i thought she was going to work with simon on his new project. >> you can't put a dancer on dancing with the stars. >> straight ahead, a pro-life ad set to air on super bowl sunday tells the live story of a college football star, tim tebow and it's cause ago controversy. he's got no apology. >> i don't feel like i'm preachy about it, but i stand up for what i believe and you can respect that because i do stand up and, unfortunately in society, not many athletes tend to do that. >> why is he taking so much heat? the answer coming your way.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
i didn't make a bunch of deals. there is a legislative process that is taking place in congress and i am happy to own up to the fact that i have not changed congress in how it operates the way i would have liked. >> that was president obama admitting he didn't reform dc like he intended, but how many other campaign promises have fallen flat and which goals has he actually accomplished?
8:17 am
on our panel this morning, mark, former advisor to president bush, rick newman, chief business correspondent for u.s. news and world report, and penny lee, former communications director for senator harry reid and political strategist. good morning to all of you. mark, we heard of the president there admitting he change -- a change we all believed in, didn't really come to fruition in the first year. is that a disappointment to so many american voters? >> it absolutely is. it happens every election, hopes and optimism, especially with this president. i think the big problem is that the president campaigned in one world and one reality and woke up as president in another one but never really adjusted. i think he ran his first year of presidency thinking he had to do everything that he promised in his campaign when the world had dramatically shifted. i think that's what we'll hear tonight is that he's listened and learned and he's got to adjust. >> you really believe we'll hear him admit to the fact that change we can believe in, that he's really just sorry i got here and it didn't work out that way? >> i heard him talking about
8:18 am
changing congress, it sounds like a bad relationship, like if you would just change a little bit, everything would be great. >> some people say that was a naive approach. >> he was talking about one kind of change before the election and this other kind of change just completely swept his agenda, which is people are falling out of the middle class and unemployment has spiked. he had no control over that. he came in focused on a financial crisis, not on a job crisis. what we've got now is a job crisis. that's what he needs to fix. >> is he going to finally listen to the american people now, penny? a lot of people are asking that question. >> i think he has to. unfortunately, in washington, there are two co-equal branches of government and you can't control everything that congress does. >> the democrats were in charge of that. >> but also at the same time it they also have parliamentary procedures. the president says, i will have conversations with the other side, but they need to be constructive. the republicans have made it their campaign to say, look, it's better if the democrats fail. that is our way of strategy. i don't think it's a winning strategy as scott brown. i want to be together and
8:19 am
inclusive. >> you think before scott brown, that the president just felt that he could enact these policies 'cause he had all the democrats? >> sure. there is a reality that you work with in the campaign and another when you govern. it's tough and it is difficult. but it does take two sides to make this work. >> all three of you believe that he will admit to some failures in his first year tonight? >> i think he's got to admit at least that he's listening now in a way he hasn't. >> how could he not. >> i think he will acknowledge that everything didn't go accordingly. >> stick around, the administration freezing the pay of top government officials to bring down the debt. but will it even make a dent? is it just fuzzy math? break out your calculators. we'll take a closer look. toyota making an unprecedented move, slamming the brakes on sales of its most popular models. we'll tell you why.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
welcome back. after spending billions of dollars his first year in office, president obama is proposing a partial federal spending freeze, but it's facing critics on both sides of the i will. we're back with our panel. penny, the president says for the next three years he'll freeze some federal spending. it's going to save 15 to $17 billion. people are saying, wait a minute. he increased spending this year by 24% already. it's drop in the bucket. >> but it's a first step. i think that's what's important. i think you'll hear maybe tonight is that he's going to signal there is further additional cuts and he has an intention to this deficit and he understands we can not have this sustainable for the long-term future. it's a first step. but i think you'll hear more about it. >> mark, isn't this not equal with the democratic platform, because congress right now,
8:24 am
democratically controlled, increased spending. >> yeah. thank god it is. i'm thrilled to see it. i think it's a great idea. what's astonishing to me is that the president was trying to put together a bipartisan commission just to study deficit reduction and they couldn't even do that. they couldn't have a commission to study it. now it will go go off. >> why is that? because the republicans in congress voted it down. >> it's a ridiculous partisan atmosphere. that's a shame that we can't even get together and talk about a study and study the problem. >> so rick, your thoughts on this freezing, because some people said yes, it's a step in the right direction. some people, though, on the right are saying that it's actually just a gimmick. it's a way to get the populist vote back on his side. >> whether or not depends on what congress does. it's congress that spends money and the problem usually is coming out of congress. it is just dismaying that as mark pointed out, we can't even get a commission to study the problem. the senate said last night, this is our prerogative.
8:25 am
we get to make the rules and we don't want a commission making the rules. everybody in america, from the biggest company to the smallest household, is cutting debt right now except for our government. they are totally out of touch with what everybody wants. this is one of the main reasons everyone is enraged at the government on both sides. >> we did a story yesterday about the boon doingle at copenhagen and congress who didn't know their the hotel was $2,200 a night. >> everybody, there are sacrifices that need to be made by everybody. the american people, unfortunately, are having those sacrifices put on them every day and the government needs to do the same thing. >> all right. panel, thanks very much for your thoughts. we'll all be watching tonight and get your thoughts on that later on. let's go up to steve and brian. >> thanks very much. a speculation president obama could announce a second stimulus tonight. do we need one? dave ramsey of fox business is here to talk about that. >> i'm thinking he'll say no. >> then he's won a heisman trophy, but tim tebow may be
8:26 am
facing his biggest obstacle yet. it's all because of his traditional family values and -- >> blindfolded at half court. a high school coach makes the shot. that shot right there. can he do it again? the coach is live in kansas. as you can see, will he do it? not that time. we'll be right back.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
it was a shot heard around the internet. students at a kansas high school told a basketball coach he could win tickets to the final four if he made a half court shot blindfolded. look at that. he did it. except the joke was that the kids didn't have any tickets and they wound up giving him a dinner in a mexican restaurant. >> i believe he was trying to be pumped and he reversed it all. joe is the teacher and girl's basketball coach who sank that shot. he joins us live from olatha
8:30 am
northwest high school in kansas. congratulations, who is that behind you, the student body? >> yeah. student body, great raven class right here. they came here, the support came early in the morning, way before school started. been a great time for us. >> those kids behind you, as we understand it, they were told -- okay, we're going to blindfold him and he's going to make the shot and just to trick him, as soon as he misses the shot, everybody applauds, because nobody ever thought that you could actually make it. the joke was on them. right? >> yeah. correct. the whole time i was very suspicious of the whole thing. they took me out of the gym and put a football uniform on me and a skull cap on my head. i thought i was going to get piped. anyhow, that wasn't the case. they didn't pie me in the face.
8:31 am
i'm holding the ball in front of my nose 'cause i didn't want them to hit me right in the nose. and then an awkward silence. i shot it. i had no idea. i knew they were pretending. >> i can imagine that you would still like to go to the final four. so has anyone come up with tickets for you? >> the generous community has come together and provided some tickets for my family and we are so excited about this. at least that's what's been told to me. i haven't seen them, maybe they're punking me again, who knows? >> you look like a basketball player. you're a basketball coach. have you ever made a shot like that without a blindfold? you're at half court. >> actually the other day a local newscast came in, in fact, your affiliate fox came in and i told them i wasn't gog shoot -- going to shoot it. on the first take, i made it.
8:32 am
we had a good time. rob lowe is the anchor and the newscaster and i wasn't in the gym, but in his tease backwards, he threw it over his head and it went in. >> how crazy is that. >> it's amazing. >> he throws it, swish. we're showing the rob lowe reporter standup from channel 4 there in kansas. you're not just some guy who is a coach as well. you were actually on the great kansas jayhawks basketball team, weren't you? >> darn right. yeah. very proud to be a jay hawk. i've wanted to be one growing up in california at the age of ten. it's been a dream come true. coach williams and his staff provided me an opportunity to walk on and it was an absolute dream. it's been a great thing. >> okay. we can't let you go without trying it again. you want to do it forward or backward? >> oh, it doesn't matter. you want me to try it backwards
8:33 am
again? >> yeah. let's try it backwards. you ready? we'll see what we can do. let me line myself up this way. >> don't believe them. >> i know. i could have made it right now and they would punk me again. >> those darn kids. >> this is a fantastic story. every now and then we need one of these pick me up kind of deals. you provided that for us. >> i appreciate that. >> a round of applause for the coach. >> lots of fun, lots of smiles. great time. >> just ask your students behind you one question, say, do they like joel. ask them if they like you. >> they want to know -- i can't ask that question. they don't know what you're saying right now. >> you're the only one who can hear. >> do you like the ravens? [ cheers and applause ]
8:34 am
>> now you're talking. >> that's what i love about joel. he's got this midwestern sensibility where you're very humble. >> i feel the love already. >> they don't need to shout my name. >> you're a good man. joel, we thank you very much for joining us from olatha, kansas, along with the ravens. >> thank you very much. >> you bet. >> 25 minutes before the top of the hour. >> let's do a couple headlines for you now on a wednesday. the house homeland security committee continues to hold a hearing today on how the underwear bomber got on to flight 253. two chairman from the 9-11 commission testified yesterday, saying the obama administration just hasn't focused enough on terror. >> i do not think he has a firm grasp yet of the intelligence community. things got a little offtrack.
8:35 am
>> janet napolitano says the u.s. will work with european security officials on sharing passenger data and using full body scanners in airports around the world to avoid similar attacks. new video just into the fox news room of secretary of state hillary clinton in london for a hastily called meeting on al-qaeda's presence in yemen. clinton is meeting with russian foreign minister before going behind closed doors with the others. >> there are the doors. meanwhile, in an unprecedented move, toyota motor company will stop selling eight of its most popular cars because of problems with the gas pedal. apparently it gets stuck and the cars accelerate. that's bad. cars include the corolla and camry. their two. they say the production of all cars will stop on monday. they're going to stop making them. if you want to find out the full list of affected cars, go to >> u.s. senator-elect scott brown venturing into the heart of democratic massachusetts to
8:36 am
meet with boston mayors and leaders of the churches. policy was talked about and the economy. >> it was important to go to the mayor, obviously to the city that's really the economic engine when it's viable, we need to make sure boston continues to be even more viable and more economically sound. >> senator-elect brown, who beat coakley, says it was also important for him to show the voters who he really is. >> tim tebow making big waves off the field over a pro-life ad that will appear in the super bowl. it tells the story of his mom who got sick while she was pregnant with tim. doctors urged her have an abortion. she did not. some groups are protesting the ad 'cause it tells his life story, paid for by a christian group. saying it fundamentally provides one point of view. it shouldn't be at the super bowl. tebow says he's not trying to tell anybody what he believes.
8:37 am
>> i don't feel like i'm preachy about it, but i do stand up for what i believe and at least you can respect that because i do stand up and unfortunately today society, not many athletes tend to do that. >> he's been open about his strong christian beliefs since he jumped on the scene for the university of florida. >> german man who stuffed dozens of liz arresteds into his underwear before boarding a flight is going to prison. he was caught in a new zealand airport with 44 geckos. >> look at the gecko they're using. [ laughter ] >> 44 geckos and in his underwear. he was going to sell them on the european market for about 2 grand each. he will spend 14 weeks behind bars. good thing he wasn't trying to smuggle in snakes. >> i guess the gecko started talking and it gave him away. >> that gecko is a talking gecko. what am i doing?
8:38 am
meanwhile, 22 minutes before the top of the hour. a nasty winter storm stretching from the southwest u.p., upper peninsula of michigan, into the mid atlantic. highways across southern minnesota had to be closed after several inches of snow and strong winds created dangerous driving conditions. albert lee, in minnesota a blizzard warning and wind advisory closed down interstate 90. let's find out where it's snowing and raining right now. it's raining, you can see in lower portion -- central portion of the mississippi valley. also it continues in southern california, now moving into portions of arizona. a little bit of snow on the eastern shores of erie and ontario, the great lakes. temperature wise, it is cold on this wednesday. up in the northern plains, single and barely double digits. only 9 right now in chicagoland. it is 22 in cleveland. and as you can see here in new york city, as is the case in raleigh, temperatures below freezing. same thing for atlanta, georgia.
8:39 am
and kansas city. quick look at today's high temperatures. about 4:00 o'clock this afternoon, it will be 43 in kansas city where basketball coaches can make amazing shots. 56 in memphis. 51 in raleigh and if they're lucky, down in tampa today, 67 degrees. >> that's a quick look at your fox travel cast. >> last year we saw all these signs pop up all over the nation's roadways. the debate still continues about whether or not the bill actually created jobs or was it just a bunch of pork? >> this has rumors swirl of a second stimulus that the president may announce in tonight's state of the union, but do we really need another stimulus? "fox business" network dave ramsey joins us. i think i know what your thoughts are going to be on this. but i'll be the sucker and i'll ask you. do we need a second stimulus? >> the first two worked so well. >> dynamite. >> it's a fairly simple concept for those of us out here walking
8:40 am
around, doing jobs and making payroll. we try to do things that work. and this president is very sincere. he really does want to help. and there is times that i want to help doing things. but when i'm wrong, and i just am enthusiastically wrong, that doesn't make me right. the sincerity doesn't matter if it's not working. so when we look at the trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars and the reaction of the american voter, democrat and republican alike, they're sick of the spending and then we're going to try to buy some more job when is it didn't work the last two times. >> sure. >> so maybe somebody ought to get a clue here. >> yeah. and there you can see the job loss since the stimulus, now it's at 2.74 million. amazing thing, dave, as we were talking about the spending freeze of this discretionary money that they've got up on capitol hill, hey, it's all discretionary, if you ask them -- i heard yesterday that
8:41 am
apparently the president still has half a trillion dollars, $500 billion in the stimulus money, he has not yet spent. so if they haven't spent half a trillion, why eat up even more? >> it is allocated and he wants to allocate some more. but isn't it interesting, in the same day the news out of the white house is, we're going to freeze spending. but maybe not. we're going to stimulate spending. and it's like we can't compare these two things. what we've got here is a break down of a basic thought of economics which calls for deficit spending by the government to stimulate the economy. the economics has been proven a failure a couple of times now. i'm just one of those guys who we ought to return to capitalism. if people will quit asking washington to fix their lives, when is obama going to get me a job, why don't you go start a business and get your own job, then there is a different idea. washington's job is not to save
8:42 am
your job. >> if you have a job that you're not able to pay your bills, you need more revenue. the country's revenue is down. if you're the president of the united states and we're not an absolute monarchy, we don't have a king, realistically, what could he do to goose the economy without printing money? >> well, i think one thing, every time we see him interfere in these things, we see what a recovering stock market does. it retreats. we announce regulations on banks, the market retreats. the furthest since last october we announced stimulus, we're going to see the market retreat after that. and so the stock market, which is the -- an indicator of the economy, is talking to washington, telling them to leave us alone and we will heal ourselves. don't put any more stimulus out here. it's just like putting another gecko in your shorts. it's not working. >> you put too many in, you end up in prison. >> that's a little too much personal information from our money guy. dave ramsey. >> linking it all together. >> i thought we were just going
8:43 am
to talk stimulus. all right, dave. >> well, maybe. >> thank you very much for being our guest today. >> dave ramsey, we'll be listening to you all day long on the fox business channel on your radio show. straight ahead, should president obama think about changing his strategy after a year? the whole bush bashing thing hasn't worked so far. we're going to take a closer look at strategies he might want to communicate. >> plus a politician gets a pie in the face. no one is laughing. who was behind the attack? that is straight ahead. >> video shocking, five story building reduced to rubble in seconds. we'll tell you what the heck happened.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
36 minutes past the hour. a couple quick headlines. check out this video from belgium. a five story building reduced to rubble in just seconds. the cause, an apparent gas explosion, at least 20 people were hurt. then there is this video. a pie in the face for canada's ministry of fishery's during a speech in ontario. a peta member accused of smashing a tofu pie into her face because she apparently supports the annual seal hunt. brian? >> he's been in office for over a year, but president obama finding others at fault for everything from the economy to his recent election losses.
8:47 am
is this strategy relatively risky and could it be the reason for the job approval that he's having right now, roughly mid 40s instead of in the mid 70s? joining us now, a political analyst and director of politics at the university of virginia. do you think that the president has made the mistake looking back rather than looking forward? >> look, a year is a long time and it's a quarter of a presidential term. most people say, time is up. you don't blame the predecessor. yes, you inherited some problems, but all presidents do. after a year, you own the problems. so the fewer references to the bush administration, the better for barak obama. >> eight days ago, shot as a republican takes kennedy's seat in massachusetts. we know all the ramifications. but going from here, this might be a fortuitous time for the state of the union. the president with the one shot
8:48 am
can tell 50 million people his new strategy. will he do it? what will it be if so? >> well, he's going to try, obviously he's going to refocus on the economy. brian, as i always say when we come to state of the union and i've studied them all since john q. kennedy, they're a big moment when they happen, but the following week we're always discussing something else. in the end, a smile is just a smile and a speech is just a speech. it's real events that shape politics. it's real events like the economy, terrorism, and other major issues that will determine the november elections. not a state of the union address. >> is there a way to reverse it and put the pressure on the republicans who seem to have the wind at their back, momentum in front of them? >> undoubtedly at some moment, if it's not tonight, it may be when he meets with the republicans in their conference later this week. he may say, all right, i know what you're against, you're against my programs. what are you for? are there any areas where we can
8:49 am
work together? he may try and go back to that bipartisanship refrain, though i doubt it works at this point. >> back into the fray comes author david plouffe, one of the people responsible for him becoming president. what does that mean and what do you think he'll bring? >> i'm always amused when the giants of the political wars come back into a government essentially. he's not going to be working in the government. he's going to be working on politics. he's supposed to be coming to the rescue. again, with all due respect to him, he's obviously an able campaign manager, but he's not going to reshape the economy. he isn't going to change the underlying conditions. that's what drives politics. so if democrats are depending on anyone to be a savior, it's not even going to be barak obama much less david plouffe. >> 58% of the country thinks we're heading in the wrong direction. the president has to do something to reverse that. thanks so much and we look to talk to you after and find out
8:50 am
the ramifications 'cause the president is heading down to address the republican congressmen and women. so we'll see if he is reaching out and they are keeping their hands out as well. thanks. >> thank you, brian. >> ten minutes before the top of the hour. cities and towns welcomed stimulus with open hands. but some in wisconsin are saying no thanks. the reason why next. let's check in with martha mccallum and find out what she has working for the next two hours. >> thank you. good morning, guys. new fox polls show that if an election were held today, more voters would vote for someone other than the president of the united states with nearly 4 million jobs lost since he took office. tonight we are told the president will look to change all of that. we have a huge line - up to talk about that coming up, plus a secret operation in yemen, coming up.
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all right. 54 minutes after the top of the hour. 11 wisconsin schools are rejecting federal grant money that could pump thousands of dollars into their classrooms. they say the cost of government interference is not worth the extra cash. joining us right now, we have jeff holmes, a school district administrator, and andy, a member of the board there. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> andy, let me start with you. let me get this straight. the federal government has millions of dollars that they're dangling in front of you guys to continue with the race to the top program. and yet, your school board has said we don't want the money. why? >> number one, they've had a history of creating unfunded mandates. they offer little money up front, then it disappears and you're left to continue the program. >> sure. >> that's our concern.
8:55 am
>> all right. so jeff, the state of wisconsin stands to take in $254 million to fund this particular program. i know the big counties get a lot of money. how much was your school district going to wind up with? >> at the first level, $77,000 over four years. >> okay. well, listen, $77,000 is a lot of money and can help out. but you just felt that it wasn't worth the cost that ultimately you would have to generate yourself to ask for the money? >> that would be correct. it's just a part of it. as he stated, the history behind the federal government and even some instances, our state government, where you have unfunded mandates, particularly in these economic times, it's highly difficult on the local taxpayer to pick up those programs and fund them.
8:56 am
>> okay. >> go ahead. >> i was going to say, jeff had mentioned a number to me, what was the percent of the budget, the 17,000 a year? >> well, we were looking at -- for instance, milwaukee, was in line to -- is in line to receive 53 million, which is 21% of the dollars associated with the 254 million. and milwaukee makes up 10% of the total student population. our percentage was .3%. >> .3%. >> yeah. >> and you ultimately, the board decided it was not worth the hassle and all the money was going to cost you down the line. jeff and andy, we thank you both for joining us today from the beautiful city of madison, wisconsin. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> about three minutes before the top of the hour. we will conclude the program in two minutes, so please stick around.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
a reminder, we'll be on an hour early tomorrow for complete recap and analysis of the state of the union speech tonight. join us tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. >> i haven't signed up on that yet, but i guess we'll go with it. >> couple of our guests for tomorrow, larry the cable guy, and john mccain will be joining us live. >> and sorry to miss that. i'm off to the miss america pageant. so i'll be gone for a few days. i'll see you when we come back and enjoy the state of the union tonight. >> we'll miss you. stay tuned for america's newsroom.

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